When Lack of Critical Thinking meets the Military

A con man gets $20 million from U.S. intelligence agencies for software which, “he claimed, among other things, could find terrorist plots hidden in broadcasts of the Arab network Al Jazeera; identify terrorists from Predator drone videos; and detect noise from hostile submarines” (via).

And this was one of Bush’s sources of “credible information” for jacking up threat levels and turning back aircraft:

In December 2003, Mr. Montgomery reported alarming news: hidden in the crawl bars broadcast by Al Jazeera, someone had planted information about specific American-bound flights from Britain, France and Mexico that were hijacking targets.

C.I.A. officials rushed the information to Mr. Bush, who ordered those flights to be turned around or grounded before they could enter American airspace.

For obvious reasons, “agency officials who oversaw the technology directorate . . . were promoted”. And, of course, since Obama is running “the most transparent administration in history,” he’s invoking state secrets to try to shut down the release of embarrassing facts. (Because what if our enemies figure our how to predict U.S. troop movements from the Fox News crawl bar???!!11!)

Reminds me of Iraq’s bomb-detecting dowsing rods. There are a lot of stupid people who hold a lot of power.


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