What is Science up to?

It’s not new, but it’s fun, and good for students (who will be showing up in less then two weeks . . . YIKES!)

(. . .and why can’t I get the video to embed properly?)


2 responses to “What is Science up to?

  1. Dear Physicalist,

    I’m a philosopher in Nova Scotia, and I just discovered your blog. I’ve poked around and found uncannily many points of agreement between us on such topics as compatibilism, determinism, theism, cosmology, the confused reasoning of scientists who deny the existence of free will, the tendency of non-philosophers (including scientists) to confuse determinism and fatalism, the machinations of William Lane Craig, and more besides. I’d appreciate it if you’d email me your contact information using the email address that appears on my webpage (linked to in this comment, I hope). I’d like to make your electronic acquaintance.

    Steve Maitzen

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