Should I agree to appear on Ancient Aliens?

Pyramid RocketsI’ve never seen the show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, but I recently received an invitation to be interviewed for an episode or two.

What should I say?

On the one hand, it would probably be fun. I do like to talk, especially about science and philosophy.

But on the other hand, a quick look on the internet reveals that the show seems to be mostly about promoting pseudoscientific conspiracy theories. Which is something I probably shouldn’t associate myself with.

I guessing that the general principle of don’t support the deniers by engaging with them will apply here.

Any thoughts?


5 responses to “Should I agree to appear on Ancient Aliens?

  1. I’m not familiar with the show, so I can’t really give good advice.

    If you don’t do it, they will find somebody else. So, in terms of what it does for the show, your decision probably doesn’t matter.

    I’d say, go by what it does for you. If you think it might be fun, that’s a reason for trying. If you think you might later be embarrassed by having appeared, that’s a reason to not participate.

    • Yeah, good advice. Still, I think I have an obligation to avoid aiding projects that do more harm than good — even if it is true that someone else will step in to do the job. It’s obvious in more morally significant cases that we wouldn’t accept the “Well, if I hadn’t done it someone else would have,” excuse.

      I think I’ll just have to say no. (To the great disappointment of some of my students.) I think I’m still supposed to be on the side of reason.

  2. If you do, just ask who the hair stylist is for the guy in the “Aliens” meme is. People are curious about these things.

  3. Regardless to whatever hypothesis are shown on the series, its amazing the achievements ancient cultures came up with. Can stop imagining the purposes for embarking on such mega projects; time, logistics, resources and whatever tech was available to them. Take for example the Kailash temple, a complex temple carved from a mountain (pretty much like Petra in Jordan) or the Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia in the middle of the forest… just to name a few. Aliens or no Aliens these structures are testimony of greatness of human kind in the distant past. We should at least marvel at them (although many people have lost the capacity to marvel these days)

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