Articles of Impeachment

Impeach PeachGiven the current debate about whether the House should go for one quick big reason for booting Trump (Ukraine) or generate a long list of articles of impeachment, I thought it might be useful to put together a working list of impeachable offences that I recall Trump committing.

I’m sure I’ll add to it and have more to say on them (and other wrongdoings) at a later date.  

Offences Worthy of Impeachment

1. Withholding aid and pushing the Ukrainian president to work with Trump’s personal lawyer to investigate potential wrongdoing by Trump’s top Democratic rival

2. Obstruction of Justice.

  • Asking Comey to let Flynn go, and firing him
  • Telling Sessions to “unrecuse” himself and limit the scope of Mueller’s investigation
  • Trying to have Mueller fired
  • Attempting to influence Flynn’s, Manafort’s, and Cohen’s testimony and pleas

3. Illegal appropriation of military funds for the wall through a sham “emergency” declaration.

4. Violating immigration asylum laws and abusing asylum seekers.

5. Contempt of Congress: Refusing numerous subpoenas and withholding documents

6. Violating the Federal records act and misclassifying sensitive information

  • Destroying Russian translator notes
  • Hiding conversations on code-word security server

7. Campaign finance violations and conspiracy (porn star payoffs)

8. Attacking the free press as the “enemy of the people” and “fake news”

9. Accusations of “corruption” and “treason” against public servants: Mueller, Comey, Schiff, etc. etc.

10. Lying about involvement with Russia:

  • Secretly pursuing Trump Tower Moscow and lying about it
  • Covering up and lying about Trump Tower meeting with Russians

11. Abuse of the Presidency for personal enrichment

  • Trump hotel stays by others
  • Trump visits to golf courses, etc.
  • Pence stay at Irish resort
  • Military stays in Scotland
  • China policy

12. Corruption pre-dating his Presidency

  • Trump foundation fraud
  • Trump University fraud
  • etc.

2 responses to “Articles of Impeachment

  1. I agree with your list, though there may be more.

    But what’s with the Republicans, who have been aiding and abetting this criminality?

    • Yes, there’s probably more. I’d like to know whether he’s guilty of money laundering, and what he’s discussed with Putin, for example. But this is what we have on record.

      Most Republicans have sold their souls (figuratively speaking) at this point. They’ve abandoned reason and a commitment to truth in favor a partisan desire to “pwn the libs.” Sad, but I think it’s mostly true.

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