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  1. Still, for Christians, evidential arguments can be wonderful in lending confidence to what they already believe. My favorite evidential argument is the ‘Cosmological,’ or ‘first cause’ argument. Basically stated, ‘everything which begins to exist, must have a cause.’ For arguing that the universe must have began to exist I like the argument of the impossibility of an absolute infinite past. If the universe had an infinite past, we could never have gotten to a ‘now.’ I use the illustration of an ‘eternal, cosmic video camera.’:
    “Imagine, if you will, that everything that ever happened in the universe, was recorded on some sort of eternal, cosmic, video machine and you wanted to watch the tape from the beginning to see how you got to be sitting in front of your computer. Unfortunately, since this tape is of an infinite past, with no beginning, once you hit the rewind button, the machine would never stop. You would get to see nothing because an infinite past would have no future.

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